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1 unfaithfulness by virtue of being unreliable or treacherous [syn: faithlessness, falseness, fickleness]
2 the quality of being changeable and variable [syn: changefulness] [ant: constancy]

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  1. Lack of constancy; lack of consistency in thought, emotion or action.
    Although she loved him for many years, his inconstancy eventually drove her to another.


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Punic faith, ambitendency, ambivalence, arrhythmia, bad faith, barratry, breach of faith, breach of promise, breach of trust, brokenness, capriciousness, change of mind, changeability, changeableness, choppiness, coquettishness, dappleness, dereliction, desultoriness, deviability, deviation, difference, differentiation, disaffection, disconnectedness, discontinuity, disloyalty, disorder, divarication, divergence, diversification, double-mindedness, dubiety, dubiousness, eccentricity, erraticism, erraticness, faddishness, faddism, faithlessness, falseness, falsity, fence-sitting, fence-straddling, fibrillation, fickleness, fitfulness, fits and starts, flightiness, fluctuation, freakishness, frivolousness, impulsiveness, inconsistency, indecision, indecisiveness, inequality, infidelity, infirmity of purpose, instability, intermittence, irregularity, irresolution, jerkiness, levity, lightness, mala fides, mercuriality, mercurialness, moodiness, motleyness, mugwumpery, mugwumpism, mutability, nonconformism, nonconformity, nonstandardization, nonuniformity, patchiness, pluralism, raggedness, recreancy, restlessness, roughness, second thoughts, shiftiness, skittishness, spasticity, sporadicity, sporadicness, spottiness, stagger, tergiversation, trothlessness, uncertainty, unconformism, unconformity, undecidedness, undependability, undeterminedness, unevenness, unfaith, unfaithfulness, unfixedness, unloyalty, unmethodicalness, unorthodoxy, unpredictability, unreliability, unsettledness, unsettlement, unstableness, unsteadfastness, unsteadiness, unsystematicness, untrueness, variability, variation, variegation, variety, variousness, versatility, volatility, wantonness, wavering, waywardness, whimsicality, wobble
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